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Rivet Rack

Rivet Rack Boltless Shelving is a very economical shelving solution that is designed for simple assembly and to provide safe, economical storage for heavier hand loaded types materials.  This design not only provides and effective shelving solution but also provides and excellent work table/bench or desk.  I-on-this manufactures:

  • Our own Heavy Duty Rivet Rack 100% Boltless Shelving below.
  • Several custom designs of Rivet Rack Shelving to meet or customer's unique requirements.
  • Take our customers final or preliminary design, sample or just an idea on Rivet Rack shelving, we will do the rest and manufacture and deliver a complete finished rivet rack shelving product.  We have the experience to understand our customer demanding requirements and current standards to deliver a product to fully meet their needs.
 Rivet rack boltless shelving assembly for simple assembly and easy assembly using no special tools

The I-on-this design uniquely combines the most customer demanding features for economical shelving:

  • A true 100% boltless setup with the center support beams utilizing rivets, not bolts as in other rivet rack manufacturers designs.
  • All Rivet Rack parts are manufactured from heavy 1.9mm (14 gauge) material.
  • Rivet Rack Standard paint colors of Putty or Grey and special paint colors are available at no extra charge.
  • Rivet Rack Heavier Beams with a1-3/16” lip as standard
  • Simple assembly with no special tools required, only a   rubber style mallet.
  • RivetRack Capacities up to 2000 Lbs, heights to 16 feet and an endless length of add-ons possible using T-Post or Tie Plates
  • River Rack Shelves adjust on 1-1/2" centers.
  • Endless number of optional beams, post  and accessories for Rivet Rack.
  • Economical Custom Designs and Options are available and encouraged

rivet rack shelf a true boltless shelving design


Heavy 1-3/16" Lip Beam design

100% Boltless Rivet Rack Design, Center Post to Beam Connection

heavy duty rivet rack double rivet beam showing a extra large lip

a true boltless design with a boltless center support beam



Rivet Rack Optional Wire Decks
 optional wire decks, particle board shelving or melamine shelves
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