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Contract Manufacturing

I·on·this is a USA owned and operated company in Houston Texas that specializes in contract manufacturing of Warehouse and Storage Equipment Components such as sheet metal enclosures, sheet metal housing sheet metal cabinets, RivetRack Boltless Shelving, Wire Shelving, Cantilever Rack, Pallet Rack, custom machining & fabrication and numerous other items which are proprietary to our customers

We will take your final or preliminary design, sample or just an idea and finished the design if/as required and give you a price per unit delivered to your door.

Welding Fabrication

We control the design, quality and data in Houston and utilize the cost savings in manufacturing in China. Five points why you should to seriously consider I-on-this:

  • Our prices are routinely lower and we have over twenty years of experience reducing cost in manufacturing, inspection, packaging and shipping from China
  • Our deliveries are at many times equal if not less than many USA manufacturers while giving you lower cost and our prices are DELIVERED to your door!.
  • Our design and quality meets USA standards and will exceed your standards and expiations
  • Our customer service is second to no one and you are dealing with Americans in USA time zones.
  • We say yes to customization and specialized packing.
I-on-this has over 20 years of experience within China and ROUTINELY deliver to YOUR door a product to YOUR requirements, expectations and standards with a guaranteed price and quality without the hassles of dealing directly with China. Our customers can depend on I-on-this for everything from design through complete manufacturing, packing and shipping from a simple manufacturer item to a complex industrial assembly.
Die Cast Contract manufacturing Machining
Power Suppy Sheet Metal Cabnet

When working with I-on-this, it is just like any other USA Warehouse and Storage Equipment Component vendor, submit the product you require and we give you a price but DELIVERED to your door. If you have a complex part, sub assembly or assembly we will work with you to offer you options for your to consideration that could offer you considerable savings. Such options could include different packing and shipping options, assembly options or additional or less item options or include USA manufactured items in the assembly in China to maintain the highest quality and design standards.

  1. If you select I-on-this as you vendor for customized or a new designed product for contact manufacturing we would:
  2. Submit a design and document package for approval
  3. Submit 1st production part sample for approval
  4. If required submit inspection documents at QA hold points during manufacturing and assembly
  5. I-on-this would witness final inspection, packing and shipment in China and ship directly to your door.
Let us know how we can help you. If you have a final or preliminary design, sample or just an idea, we will do the rest and provide the Contract Manufacturing Resources (Engineer · Design · Source · Purchase) give a price to your door.  Please contact I·on·this with your requirements
Machining Contract Manufacturing
PH: 800 276 2792
Direct: 832 955 1531
Fax: 713 983 8528