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Box Extrusion
Bar Extrusion
Extruded Enclosure
Extruded Shaped Bar
Ionthis contract manufacturing capabilities include taking an aluminum part from its initial design, through die creation and alloy specification, finish machining and final finishing such as Alodine, powder coat and plating's and assembly if required. Our wide Extrusion press size range from small extrusions to large extrusions allow us to contract manufacture small highly intricate extruded parts to large extruded shapes that are difficult extrusions for many of our competitors to handle
Extruded heat Sink
Extruded Heat Sink
Contract Manufacturing of Extruded Heat Sinks, Enclosure Extrusions, Extruded Housings or Extruded Components are supplied:
  • "As Extruded" or finished machined as required.
  • Contract Manufacture Extrusions in Aluminum Alloys, and other materials
  • Extrusions with the surfaces that are shot blasted, powder coated, Nickel, chrome or other platings anodized, or a combination
  • Extrusions with Silk Screen/Printing as required.
  • Optional semi or complete box builds including hardware, PEMs, standoffs, internal brackets, wire harnesses, PCB Assemblies or other components I-on-this manufactures at additional significant cost savings.
  • Bulk packed or individually packed for wholesale or retail sales.
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