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I·on·this Inc. is a USA owned and operated company in Houston Texas USA with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Anqing China that specializes in designing and contract manufacturing Material Handling/Warehouse Equipment products and utilizing the cost savings in manufacturing components or finished products and assemblies in China.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a company that has a new idea, design, or are exploring cost-saving options, Ionthis strives to provide the highest quality production and the lowest possible cost. We will take your final or preliminary design, sample or just an idea, we will do the rest and provide complete Contract Manufacturing Resources (Engineer/Design/Inspect/Logistics) and give a price to your door to meet your unique needs and YOUR standards.

Our team is able to provide our customers with a complete value analysis incorporating our knowledge of manufacturing processes within China. Ionthis focuses on more than one small aspect of your application. Our extensive experience includes fabrication, machining, tooling, surface treatments, assembly, box builds packaging and logistics allowing our experienced engineering team to analyze the entire manufacturing cycle and identify efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings. We will suggest design enhancements utilizing our vast experience to improve quality while reducing cost.

I-on-this focuses are: 

  • Material Handling both standard designs and custom/design to order:
    • Wire Shelving
    • Pallet and Cantilever Rack
  • Contract Manufacturing:
    • Sheet Metal Fabrication, Brackets, Enclosures & Components
    • Die Cast Components & Enclosures
    • Plastic Fabrication
    • Extrusions Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses
    • Semi & Complete Box Build
    • Custom Maching and Fabrication
We take out the RISK, NOT the COST SAVINGS, in manufacturing in China.
We have over 20 years experience within China and deliver to YOUR door a product with a guaranteed price and quality! If you are looking for a lower cost and reliable material handling/warehouse equipment manufacturer or you want to explore new lower cost reliable sources, please contact I·on·this with your requirements

PH: 800 276 2792
Direct: 832 955 1531
Fax: 713 983 8528